Travels in a caravan



think we all like the thought of travel, some of us are lucky enough to experience the joys of new places, people and views.  There is a huge variety of great scenery, interesting places, and historic sites in and around the UK to keep us happy for years. If you consider the size and diversity in Europe there is probably not enough time to see it all, but we decided now is the time to make a start.

Having the time to travel and explore new places is what life is all about

Making a conscious decision to spend more time traveling is not something you decide at a moments notice. not for those of us with families, work and mortgage commitments. however for those lucky enough to be able to work on the road modern technology is rapidly making travel and work a compatible proposition.

Caravan Site 9093Travel Broadens the mind!

They say travel broadens the mind! Well it can certainly be fraught with frustrations but I would rather be in traffic than at work.


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