Our trip from Bude to Padstow Touring park had none of the drama of the beginning of the week. An easy route down the A39 Padstow touring Park lies within a short walk across fields to Padstow.


Turning onto the B3276 and heading towards Padstow the site access is just outside the town and well signposted. Parking outside reception is easy and as we had arrived a little early we were not sure if our pitch would be ready.

The staff were excellent and we enjoyed the coffee while the staff went to check if the pitch was free and cut the grass for us. Within 20 mins we were through the barrier (controlled by number plate recognition as you drive up) and located on the pitch, This time reversing was much better and the van was lined up with the marker post and rubber ground mats.


However, as the van was on a light slope positioning the Al-ko wheel lock was extremely frustrating easing the wheels into position was no easy task. After a frustrating 15 mins of my wife and daughter pushing and pulling we finally had the lock lined up and fitted in place. As we did not have a spirit level my daughter suggested using a ball to determine the slope and this worked a treat (its good to see our taxes for education are not wasted).

With my daughter on Aquaroll duty, I proceeded to connect the electrics, grey waste, remembered to switch the fridge from car battery mains, got out the fold-up chairs and sat in the sunshine with a cup of tea (seemed a bit early for alcohol).

Padstow touring site is another site with exceptional facilities, toilet blocks and showers are in modern buildings with individual cubicles with their own shower curtain which keeps the water away from your changing area. The site also supplies a rubber bladed broom to enable you to remove any excess water after you have finished, most people I saw took the trouble to use this leaving the facility clean for the next person. They were so good that the wife actually used the toilets but still drew the line with the shower so making sure the water was full and the waste empty was always my first job of the morning. (if you have ever experienced the wrath of a woman covered in shampoo and show gel with no water left you will understand why this was a priority)

Padstow_touring _Park_motorhome_DSC8236

The site’s facilities also used electronic sensors for hand washing and toilet flushing so hygiene has been well thought through. The site caters well for camping enthusiasts with a campers kitchen, as well as the expected washing facilities and launderette.

The site has a variety of mobile catering vans visit the site each night ranging from Italian to fish and chips. Just down the road is a Tesco store which can be reached by a short walk across the fields. The site is a campsite of the year south-west winner (2016-2017) however my wife preferred the Wooda site. My preference was Padstow Touring Park as the facilitates were spotless.

Having experienced the joys of caravaning we were now decided that this would be our next purchase, and the caravan show at the NEC would be our next port of call


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