Rhosilli Beach Gower

We have visited many places in Wales and experienced some breath-taking sights, we had never explored the Gower Peninsula.  We had heard dire tales of near impassable roads for Caravans in the Gower peninsula, so we looked for a site that would provide easy access from the motorway while providing a good base to explore the area.

We decided to try the C&MC site at Gowerton, which provided easy access from the M4, with only a small narrow section which you face when turning off the B4295 at the traffic light in Gowerton onto the Pont-Y-Cob Road.

The Gowerton C&MC site was certainly the type of site we prefer, great wardens, good facilities, well laid out pitches and surrounded by mature trees. The only thing we could fault was the weather. In this country we expect a few days of rain, however June 2019 saw rainfall across the country of biblical proportions.

As a couple we are not ones to sit and take in the sun all day, we love to get out and explorer the countryside to see what the UK can offer. As the say there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing. The following day was forecast to be fairly dry, so we decided to take advantage and make our first stop on our Gower getaway with a visit to the worm’s head and beautiful beach at Rhossili.

The drive to Rhossili form Gowerton site is 15miles and takes around 30 mins. The route has many cyclists, double white lines, speed restrictions and safety cameras so we took our time. We parked at the Worms Head National Trust car park (£4 per day) where the trust provides toilet facilities and refreshments from a lovely old converted Citron Van.

If you join the national trust parking is free to members [£120 per year 2 adults] and is certainly something we will be taking up when we retire there are many more places, we would like to visit if we had more time.

Worms Head Gower

It was a cold start to the day with a sharp wind, a wind proof jacket and light fleece was in order. So, wrapped up we walked from the carpark downhill to the former coast guard hut. From there the worm’s head stretched out before us into the Atlantic like a large sea serpent. As the tide was on well on the turn, we decided against taking the path downward and risking the walk across to the head. (At low tide you can scramble out to the head itself, but you have only 2 hours before the sea will return cutting you off from the mainland until the next cycle of the tide.)

With the sun coming out we returned to the car park and left the windproof jackets in the car and settled down to a great coffee from the old converted van. We sat for a while admiring the splendour of Rohsilli beach as the day warmed up. Rohssili beach is rated as the Best beach in the UK by trip advisor and you can appreciate why this beach has won so many accolades.

Feeling refreshed we decided that a trip up to the hilltop overlooking the bay would provide us with some magnificent views. Arming ourselves with some drinks from the local shops we walked up the path, past the church and ascended the rough track up the steep hill. Unlike the walk down form the carpark which can be taken by most people, this route is only advisable for the fit and healthy. However, the views from the top are worth the effort.

Paragliders love this hill, on most days when the wind is favourable, we sat and watched as people carefully laid out their lines and canopies, gently lifted their fly wing into the air, step forward into the updraft and glide away.  The effortless soaring up and down the line of the hill makes you want to try the experience for yourself. But sadly, for the wife the opportunity was not available on this occasion.   

Walking along the hill grazed by the wild ponies the expanse of Broughton Bay slowly exposes itself to our North showing us a distant view of another fine beach, (one to note for another day). Descending the hill, we dropped in at the Worms Head Hotel and sat on the terrace enjoying the view in glorious afternoon sunshine with a pint and a coffee, a perfect end to our day at Rhossili.


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