What items of equipment do you always carry? If you are new to Touring then you may not have thought about some items of kit you may need during your holidays. so this is a list of items I always carry with me in the car Just in case…

  1. Multiple head screwdriver
  2. Spare Break away cable
  3. Gorilla super glue
  4. Copper Grease
  5. Silicon spray
  6. Millenco nose weight gauge
  7. Duck tape
  8. Double sided Gorilla tape
  9. Fire Extinguisher
  10. Tyre pressure gauge
  11. Wheel Nut Socket, Extension, Millenco caravan level socket
  12. Torque Wrench
  13. Adjustable spanner
  14. Wide mouth adjustable spanner
  15. Spare Battery
  16. Windowize (scratch removal)
  17. Puriclean
  18. Head torch

Most of these items have been built up over time, caravans are mass produced these days and subject to vibration when travelling so a screwdriver with variable bits is essential to re-tighten screws in doors and cabinets.

I would be surprised if there is a single caravan owner that has not arrived on site; unhitched the caravan and forgotten to un-clip the brake away cable! which is why I always carry a spare.

Super Glue is always useful as well as a tube of Gorilla glue (not shown) for these little jobs which just need a bit of help loose trim to name just one. Another useful item is a tube of copper grease. If you have Tyre Pal pressure gauges fitted to your caravan they are notorious at becoming welded to the Tyre valve. (steel to steel contact can often create a weld). So either remove them overwinter or apply a small amount of cooper grease.

The seals around windows doors and lockers require periodic application of silicon spray to keep them supple and to maintain a good seal.

To ensure you tow a safe as possible I would recommend everyone has a Weight nose gauge or a set of scales and block of wood to correctly measure the nose weight of your caravan prior to setting of on your travels. with some cars having a nose weight limit of 90kg this can be easily exceeded.

One of the key items in our essential kit is duck tape and Gorilla double sided tape. While I have tried many types of tapes, Gorilla tape and products have never let me down.

Our fire extinguisher always travels with us and is transferred between Car and caravan on arrival, is is fixed just inside the door within easy reach, and together with smoke and CO2 alarm need to be kept up to date and in working order.

Most caravan manuals consider testing the tightness of the wheel Bolts prior to moving off and following any service. Not cheep but together with a variety of sockets provide a tool for wheel nuts and caravan leveling with a millenco caravan level.

We always carry 2 adjustable spanners one with a width mouth opening which will fit the connector on the gas bottles, this together with a small head torch to enable you to change the gas when it runs out after dark.

We always carry a small tub of Puriclean to add to the water and waste prior to our first trip away. Leaving the Puriclean to do its work for a couple of hours, a quick couple of flushes with clean water and you are good to go for the rest of the year. Although we use Puriclean for the waste and water we always carry a couple of large plastic water bottles for tea and coffee as we do not like drinking straight from the Aquaroll.

If you have items which you think are essential always good to share ideas lets have your thoughts.


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