Durdle Door, Showing Beach and Arch from top of Cliff
Durdle Door, Jurassic Coast near Lulworth in Dorset, England.

Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove are 2 places well worth a visit. We parked at the Durdle Door holiday Park and turned left climbing the up and over the hill to Lulworth Cove. At the top of the hill, the full splendour of the bay is laid out before you. A picturesque sight created by the sea breaking through a thin layer of hard Portland stone creating a semicircle of water surrounded by cliffs of white chalk. It provides a graphic lesson in the geological formation of this part of the country.

The village of Lulworth is extremely popular with visitors, so can get very busy. There are a good many places to sit and relax, enjoy a drink and Eat. Sitting by the cove you can enjoy a gourmet crab and lobster bap or a simple ice cream before contemplating the steep climb back up the hill to Durdle door.

The ascent although not difficult, means you need to be relatively fit. Even for those of use who are used to walking It is worthwhile frequently stopping to admire the views, as it helps to catch your breath and avoid a coronary event.

From the top of the hill, Durdle door beckons in the distance down a long wing path providing stunning views along the cliffs. As you walk past “Man of War beach” Durdle Door appears a sea arch created by wave erosion of the soft chalk leaving the much tougher Portland limestone to form a natural arch. It is an impressive sight when viewed from the cliff top, or the beach if you are happy for a long climb back. The arch is not far offshore and a popular challenge for swimmers to circumnavigate. Like all open water swimming depending on tides and currents it can be dangerous, so Durdle Door is probably best enjoyed from the shore.

Man of War Bay

Looking west from the top of the cliff the bay stretches away into the distance providing toward Weymouth providing a fine vista of breaking waves along a sand and shingle beach. From this vantage point, you have the option to descend to the beach or sit on top of the cliff and just enjoy the spectacular views and the sound of the gentle surf.

Returning from Durdle Doors another steep walk back to the car awaits you, but views like these need to be paid for with a bit of perspiration. Parking is always a cost you need to factor in in popular tourist spots, however, at this site you can pay by card and simply check out when you have finished exploring. An advantage if you decide to linger as you don’t have to worry if you have put enough time on your ticket. I don’t know why more places can’t offer this option, as on many occasions I have had to cut a visit short because the parking was running out.

Durdle Door Looking West

Durdle door can also be viewed from the sea, Moon fleet Sailing experience provides you with an opportunity to sail in a classic gaff rigged cutter, Tallship Moonfleet! Sailing form Weymouth it offers a three or 4-hour option anchoring off Durdle door or Lulworth Cove. The trip provides a toe in the water experience of the skills and experience needed to handle a tall ship.

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