C onsidering a caravan is not a decision to be taken in haste. Having been campers over a number of years we liked the freedom of camping but after having experienced another wet English summer you start to look enviously at the occupants of caravans and their home from home comforts of heating, so we decided to look seriously at purchasing a caravan. After looking at the huge variety of makes and models available, reading reviews from Caravan Magazine, and attending the caravan show at the NEC (again) we finally narrowed our choice to the Swift Range.

So why did we choose a swift caravan range?

We liked the smart construction and use of composite material

We did consider purchasing an older van, however after talking to a couple of owners who had experienced problems of water damage, and the cost of repair. so modern insulation standards and a good heating system was high on the list’. The recent introduction of smart construction by the Swift group persuaded us that spending the extra money on a new caravan would be worth it.  ‘One of the key criteria for us was to have a caravan we could use throughput the year.
‘One of the key criteria for us was to have a Caravan we could use throughput the year so modern insulation standards and a good heating system was high on the list’.

So which Caravan should we choose..

One of the first things we considered was the weight of the van, Looking at the weight of or tow car we discovered the caravan laden weight should ideally to be under 1470 MLTW (The Camping & Caravan Club has guides to assist you, and offer a free matching check to members) which ruled out most double Axel models however this still give a good range of caravans to choose from.

The choice now was which model most suited our needs? We decided that fixed beds was a good solution, so we looked at a transverse fixed bed option which had is limitations, The thought of a night time scramble across the wife when nature called in the night did not appeal to me (if you ever woken a bear from hibernation then you would have some appreciation of my concern).

A fixed bed was considered essential

We also considered an island style layout however the wife decided the space between the bed and the wall could prove be a real pain to live with, I did not believe this to be a problem, but 2 single fixed beds could be a good option.

We also wanted a 4 berth van so that our daughter could join us should she decide that a free holiday was worth being with the parents. (The wife says she hadn’t consider our daughter but I think she was lying) We also liked the idea of a rear washroom as this seemed the most practical option.

Its a lot of money to spend if you decide a caravan is not for you. 

It was then the wife said it may be a good idea to try a caravan before we spend 20K as it would be a costly mistake. I considered this point and thought it maybe a sensible suggestion (she does come up with these from time to time) So we looked around and found a new Swift model available for hire at Tilshead Caravansin located in Salisbury although it was a side bed model it did have a rear wash room   a quick phone call and it was booked.


So Caravan hire booked can’t wait for the trip but a few things we need to consider…


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