Caravan Club Site Burford
Caravan Club Site Burford

Burford is a great site for a relaxing weekend break or an extended stay. If you are looking for a site to explore the Cotswolds it is a good location. Situated off the A361 and just across from the Cotswold Wild Life Park it easy to find with good access.

On arrival, we were meet by extremely friendly wardens, who for 10 years have managed the club.s centenary site in the New Forest.  Arriving late on Friday in March the site was quiet, we had a wide variety of pitches to choose from and were told simply to select the pitch we wanted and let them know the number in the morning. Having lined up and attached the Alko wheel lock, hitch lock, connected the electrics, sorted out the waste, set the heating to toasty I went to fill the Aquaroll.

Essential items

The water point was located at the main shower block, a fair way from our pitch. I unclipped the handle from the Aquaroll only to hear the sound of the plastic grommet disappearing down the drain. (Why they do not have a drain cover I will never know) so had to roll the Aquaroll back to the van the hard way with my foot.

A gentle breeze, the sound of birds singing, and blissful silence until the rain started around 1 am. At first, a gentle shower settling lightly on the caravan roof really quite pleasant. Until the water which had been collecting on the trees, we were parked under suddenly released a deluge when the gusty breeze which had picked up in the night shook the tree like a dog. It really sounded like Niagara Falls. So, in the morning we decided to move to the pitch opposite to avoid a repeat performance.

Newer Type Electrical Power Pillar

As we have a motor mover on our caravan moving pitch is a fairly simple task,  having set up and levelled the van, reattached the Alko wheel lock, hitch lock for the second time, and moved the water and waste to the new pitch we plugged the electricity socket into the only spare outlet on the pillar only to discover we had no power?  Thinking we may have blown a fuse we disconnected and tried the previous point from which we had disconnected and bingo power back on.

As the other connections on the pillar were being used, and our mains lead was of course too short to reach another pillar, we had no choice but to move again. Levelling the van for the third time but sensibly before attaching the Alko lock, we tried connecting the power lead, again dead!

Older Type Electrical Power Pillar (needs a twist to connect)

With no one about, it was at this point my wife demanded that I take a trip to consult with the warden. “We don’t seem to have power on our mains pillar,” I said. Have you twisted it 90 degrees? It is a frequently asked question apparently. The site has two types of mains pillar, our first connection point was of the newer variety, so no twist required. Experienced caravaners would have known about the twist as in the past most sites had this type of connection. After only one year and 5 site visits, it was pot luck that this was our first experience of the older type of connection and another lesson learned.

Back to the pitch a quick twist of the connector after inserting into the socket and power! This change of pitch provided us with a nice view of the Cotswold Wild Life Park opposite, and the Lama’s and ostriches strolling around the field, so not a complete waste of time.

Burford has excellent facilities; the shower and toilet block clean and modern. The site is well kept as you would expect for a club site and it is evident that the wardens take pride in their work.

During our stay, we visited Broadway, Bourton-0n-the-water, Burford, the pleasant riverside pub at Lechlade-on-Thames and the Wildlife park which you could walk to from Burford club site. Eventually, it was time to depart.

On our trip home we arrived at our storage site to find glass on the floor by the cooker. However the cooker looked intact and we wondered where the glass had come from, on closer inspection we found the glass in the oven had shattered. The cause, the steel grill rack had been removed and not been put back properly. (not sure who the culprit was but it has been a heated topic of debate) The bumps during transit had caused the steel to hit the glass door causing it to shatter. The result £47 for new inner glass door, easy to fit but expensive mistake… another lesson learned the hard way.


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