On Monday 26th April most of the country woke up to snow and sleet, During the night we had our first night in a caravan buffeted by fierce winds and lashing heavy rain. The caravan rocked alarmingly (the site is exposed) and the wife was worried the Caravan would turn over.  However Monday morning dawned bright and sunny and we were still in the same pitch as the night before, although temperature had dropped by 8 degrees so had the wind. It was a day for coats and fleeces so it seemed like a day to explore so never having been before we decided to visit Bodmin.

Bodmin is a major town in Cornwall notorious in its day for its assizes and jail until the Crown Courts moved to Truro. One of the attractions is a recreation of a Victorian murder trial located at Shire Hall where you can participate as a member of the jury here the evidence and decide for yourself on the verdict.

Punishment in those days was severe, holding cells located beneath shire hall allow you to experience the conditions, the smells, and hear first-hand the crimes committed by inmates and punishment handed down.

A visit to the imposing and grey sombre Bodmin jail completes the experience suffered by some of our ancestors for what now would be termed petty crime, it should make us thankful that we no longer live by the Victorian values of the time.

Adjacent to the shire hall is Bodmin Town Museum, it has free admission and it has some excellent exhibits of Bodmin’s history so well worth a visit.

St Petroc’s Church, the Regimental Museum, and the Bodmin and Wenford Steam Railway are also on offer in this historic town. Be aware however at present major road improvements are taking place so traffic can be an issue.

The forecast for the following day was bright and sunny so we decided that we take a walk back to Boscastle.


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